Workers’ Compensation

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

Employees injured or disabled on the job are entitled to compensation for their damages. We assist injured workers, and we will explore every avenue available in order to help clients recover the full benefits they deserve.Workers’ compensation benefits entitle those workers injured on the job, or suffer a workplace-related illness, certain benefits while they recover from their injuries. These benefits include the coverage of medical expenses related to the injury, allow you the ability to get a second opinion from a doctor of your choice, wage loss differentials, vocational retraining, disability payments depending on the severity of the injury and whether the injury is temporary or permanent. In the most severe cases, when an employee loses their life on the job, then survivor benefits would be paid.

How Do I Receive Compensation

If you are injured on the job, the first and most important thing that you must do as an injured employee is to immediately seek medical attention.  Regardless of your personal evaluation, and even if you think that your injuries are minor, getting proper medical attention from a doctor may be critical to your personal wellbeing and your workers’ compensation claim. Seeking this medical attention immediately after an accident creates a paper trail of documentation from a professional about your accident, the injuries, the timing and documents that it was on the job. Furthermore, in the event that there are injuries that are not immediately obvious, the trauma may be more serious and the professionals will be able to help if you seek medical attention where they are professionally trained to evaluate symptoms. Letting your Employer know that there has been a work place accident is imperative as soon as possible after the accident. This is not only  a requirement under the law but also it triggers benefits for you as the injured employee.

Finally, you should talk to an attorney about your case to ensure that you are receiving the full compensation you deserve under workers’ compensation laws. They will help you address any short and long term issues that will likely come up in your workers’ compensation case.

No Fault System

In Iowa we have a workers’ compensation benefit system that is designed to be “no fault.” This means that it is not relevant whether your employer’s negligence contributed to your work-related injury or occupational disease. What does matter is that you were involved in a work-related injury or suffered an occupational disease in the course of your employment and that the laws of the State of Iowa protect you. The workers’ compensation system was designed to protect both workers and employers. It was designed to protect employers from expensive and time-consuming lawsuits, and to protect employees by ensuring medical care and time off benefits. Whether you are an employee or an employer there are requirements after the employee is injured or has suffered an occupational disease, or learning of the injury by the employer. Our lawyers can help navigate this process.

Receive Workers’ Compensation Legal Advice

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