If you have lost a loved one and left to deal with the Probate process, Witherwax Law, P.C. can help. Witherwax Law will help you navigate the process in the State of Iowa by petitioning a court for the appointment of a personal representative, assisting with the collection and distribution of property of the estate, address any claims brought against the decedent’s estate, by making sure that the court required documents are followed and closing the estate with the court. Depending on the amount of the overall assets in the estate of the deceased, there are various ways of handling the probate process. That is, it may be by affidavit, small estate or large estate. There may be an intestate estate (If there is no Will), or there may be a testate estate (If there is a Will). Either require that an executor (passed with a Will appointing an executor) or an administrator (passed without a Will) be appointed by the court to handle the administration of the probate estate for the decedent. Either way, the probate process can take time and it is helpful to navigate through the process with someone who understands what needs to be done in the Estate. Witherwax Law represents and assists executors and administrators handling the various affairs and administrative duties of an estate. An attorney at our firm can help you understand and meet your responsibilities throughout the probate process. Sometimes, as discussed below, we assist clients with probate litigation that arises from various Will contests, Trust disputes and other Estate issues, to name a few.

​Probate Litigation

Unfortunately, not every estate runs smoothly. Sometimes there are issues that require the filing of an additional action for litigation. Litigation generally entails contesting a will, trust, or the actions or appointment of a personal representative. When a loved one passes away, the last thing you want is to end up in court. Unfortunately, there are times when probate litigation is necessary. At Witherwax Law, P.C., our attorneys have knowledge of probate law and fierce litigating skills, ensuring that your probate proceedings will be handled as efficiently as possible.

Our probate attorneys can provide assistance dealing with issues related to Probate matters and the following:

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If you are dealing with probate estate matters, much is at stake. We will protect your rights and remain by your side throughout our representation. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us online or call our office at 515-224-5377.

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