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Our estate planning and wealth succession practice engages the review of current situations with clients and then engages in drafting legal documents to meet client goals. Estate planning may include the preparation of wills, trusts, powers of attorney (durable and general), and living wills. The attorneys at Witherwax Law, P.C. regularly advise clients on a variety of estate planning and succession matters. Advice is based on the clients expectations and objectives. Those expectations and objectives highlight what needs to be done and an estate plan or succession plan can be drafted as a result. At Witherwax Law, P.C. we do not believe that any two clients are the same. Each estate plan has to be custom tailored to fit the needs of each client’s specific situation.  A lot of various factors go into preparing every individual estate plan. Frankly, what may work for one client, may not work for another. Listening to a client’s objectives and expectations is imperative in developing a successful customized plan. We incorporate wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate planning tools as part of estate and transfer tax planning.

Not everyone believes that they need an estate plan. The problem is, if you do not take control of your estate planning, the government takes care of it for you by determining what happens to your assets during a period of incapacity and at death.

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A will is a legal document that can be used to distribute assets. However, a will does not come into effect until after death. In order for assets to be distributed beneficiaries must go through the probate process. A trust can be used to manage assets prior to death or after death. In order for assets to be distributed beneficiaries are generally not required to go through the probate process. Witherwax Law, P.C. serves clients in West Des Moines and throughout Iowa and when it comes to helping you develop a comprehensive estate plan, our attorneys can assist you with a variety of estate planning matters, including the following:




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