Real Estate Transactions

Residential & Commercial Transaction Assistance

Here at Witherwax Law, P.C. we help clients with various Real Estate Transactions whether it be residential or commercial. Whether you are selling your home on your own or you are doing a complex real estate development plan, our attorneys can help stream line the process to save time and money. Real estate transactions are sometimes the most important and the most expensive transactions in a persons life. Real estate transactions can range from relatively simple to extremely complex depending on the various factors of the deal. The following is a list of real estate matters that Witherwax Law, P.C. can help you with: ​

Many of the Real Estate matters need to be handled in a timely matter to be effective and efficient; if not it could lead to lawsuits, exhaust precious time and money, and possibly even result in the loss of the property in question. To ensure that your best interests are fully represented, and that your business is handled as efficiently as possible, it is essential that you have an attorney oversee your commercial or residential property transactions.​ Additionally, we assist clients in structuring limited liability companies, corporations, forming various other business entities, real estate partnerships, and joint ventures.

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When you are needing someone to help your through the process and the paperwork of your real estate transaction, you deserve Witherwax Law, P.C. Contact us online or call our office at 515-224-5377 for a free initial consultation.

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