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Make the Right Decision for You and Your Family

The decision to end a marriage is emotional and stressful, and when children are involved, the whole process gets even more complicated. Our family law attorneys understand how challenging ending a marriage can be, and we strive to provide you with support throughout the process. We believe in using the power of negotiation to resolve even the most challenging divorce issues. At the same time, we understand that not all cases can be settled amicably. We have the skills and experience to effectively litigate when necessary. When it comes to your children, the divorce lawyers at Witherwax Law, P.C. will make sure reasonable parenting plans are in place as their well-being is our top priority.

Representing clients in West Des Moines, Iowa and surrounding areas, we handle all aspects of divorce including:

Dissolving a Business

A divorce can already be confusing, and the addition of working through the dissolution of a business can add onto the stress. It is important in these instances to find an attorney who is experienced in both divorce as well as legal business matters to ensure your legal matters are handled effectively. We have helped guide families through the divorce process as well as business dissolution to provide you with what was agreed upon when the business began.

How Do We Get Started?

It all starts with calling our West Des Moines office to schedule an appointment with one of our divorce lawyers. We will provide trusted counsel and advocacy, guide you through the legal process, and help you confidently reach your next stage of life. Often parties can get caught up in disputing minor issues, which can drag on a divorce indefinitely. At our firm, we listen to your goals for your divorce, and we provide you with a realistic assessment of what is reasonable and obtainable.

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